Road Closures

Under what circumstances is a temporary road closure permitted?

It is the policy of Roscommon County Council to accommodate and grant temporary road closures where possible to ensure effective traffic management. Road closures are often granted in the following circumstances.

  • To facilitate building works e.g. demolition of a building
  • To carry out road works
  • To facilitate a road race, parade or other events

All applications for a temporary road closure will be given due consideration. 

How do I apply for a temporary road closure?

If you wish to temporarily close a road, you must complete and submit a Temporary Road Closure Enquiry Form to least eight weeks before the road closure is required. This is to allow time for the local engineer to examine and discuss the proposal with the applicant and for the statutory advertising of the closure. You can download the form or alternatively contact: Roads & Transportation Department, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon 090 6637100 email:  

Please contact the Roads and Transportation Dept. should you require explanation or assistance with your application as this can often avoid unnecessary effort. 

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to apply for a temporary road closure?

of the temporary road closure in order to allow sufficient time for the placement of statutory notices in the local or national newspaper.  

What are the required statutory notices for a temporary road closure?

There are two statutory notices legally required to temporarily close a public road. Roscommon County Council will place these notices in a local newspaper. On a National Roads the notice must appear in a national newspaper

  1. Notice of Intention informing the public that a closure has been requested and allowing the public to make a submission or objection to Roscommon County Council
  2. A Notice of Decision published after any submissions objections have been considered. 

Is there a fee associated with a Temporary Road Closure?

The following fees will apply for costs incurred by Roscommon County Council for the temporary closing of roads:

  • Cost of advertising the staturory notices in the newpaper.
  • Any other costs incurred by Roscommon County Council.

Do I need to notify any other person or body of the plans for a temporary road closure?

Roscommon County Council will inform the Ambulance, Fire Services and the Gardaí of any proposed closure. Depending on the application, the applicant may be required to contact all residents who will have vehicular access to their domestic or business property restricted or denied. This will be done at the customers expense and in a format agreed with Roscommon County Council. 

How are the public notified of planned road closures?

Notice of all road closures is advertised in local newspapers and through the Roscommon County Council website and on mapalerter. A map of the area affected by the road closure and diversions can also be found on the Roscommon County Council website. 

Who should I contact if I wish to discuss a Road Closure? 

The Roads & Transportation Department

Áras an Chontae


Telephone: 090 66 37100