Community Involvement Schemes


The Community Involvement Scheme (CIS) is a joint approach between the Council and local communities, for the purpose of carrying out maintenance and improvement works on suitable regional and local roads.

The CIS is based on community contributions within the range of 15% to 30% and will be based on the following terms:

  • Where the local community contribution is monetary only a minimum contribution rate of 15% will apply;
  • Where the local community contribution comprises works only the minimum contribution rate will be 30%;
  • Where the local community contribution is a combination of monetary and works then the local authority may set a minimum rate on a pro rata basis (between 15% and 30%).


The balance of the cost of works is funded by the Department of Transport.

In May 2019, the Department of Transport invited local authorities to apply for funding under the Community Involvement Scheme 2020-2021. Roscommon County Council invited expressions of interest from householders and landowners who wished to participate in the Scheme. Applications closed on 15th August 2019. Any future Scheme will be publicly advertised.