Group Water Schemes

Approximately 6% of the Irish population get their drinking water from Group Water Schemes (Community run schemes). Group Water Schemes can be broken into private schemes, which have a privately sourced water supply, and semi-private schemes which rely on Irish Water for their water supply. In Co. Roscommon there are 25 private schemes and 99 semi-private schemes. Households on Group Water Schemes pay charges in return for their supply of water which in turn funds the cost of running the scheme.  

An annual subsidy per house is available to group schemes for the operational cost of providing domestic water. The criteria for subsidy payments are as follows:

  • Up to €115 for each house supplied from a public (Irish Water) source.

  • Up to €231 for each house supplied from a private source (well, lake, borehole etc.).

  • Up to €220 for each house where water disinfection and/or treatment is provided under a Design Build Operate (DBO) contract.

Complete the attached form to make a subsidy application to Roscommon County Council.