Design Build Operate Projects (DBO)

As well as the subsidy to Group Water Schemes where water disinfection and/or treatment is provided under a Design, Build & Operate (DBO) Roscommon County Council has overseen the development of the following DBO plants which has provided houses on the scheme with high quality and safe water supply:

Roscommon DBO Project:

The priority of the Rural Water Programme is to facilitate the upgrading of water quality in the private group scheme sector. Twenty-two schemes were included in a DBO project for the county that saw the construction of six new water treatment plants in Co. Roscommon and one in Co. Leitrim. Under the project twenty schemes have amalgamated into three new cooperative group water schemes - Mid Roscommon GWS, Oran Ballintober GWS and Curracreigh GWS which are served by four of the plants. The remaining two plants in Roscommon were constructed to serve the Knockcroghery and Lecarrow public water schemes. The DBO Contract for the treatment plants, advertised in 2008, was awarded to Glan Agua Ltd., Ballinasloe Co. Galway for the construction of seven water treatment plants and work commenced in 2010. The value of the contract was €6,738,000 and the new treatment plants serve over 2,500 houses. The project was co-funded by the EU under the European Regional Development Fund and the Irish Government.

Polecat Springs Co-Operative Society Group Water Scheme:

The Polecat Springs water treatment plant was one of the first in the country to be installed as a pilot project for the upgrade of private water supplies. Serving 383 homes, upgrading of the water treatment process at the plant was recommended after sampling revealed frequent water quality problems particularly after periods of heavy rain. Approval for funding was received by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in 2014 and work commenced in 2015. This upgrade contract was carried out by Veolia Ireland Ltd, who currently operates the plant. The total cost of the project is €640,493.