Abnormal Load Permits

When is an Abnormal Load Permit required?

A permit is required when the load being transported is in excess of the guidelines outlined in the Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulation 2003. The application form below can be completed and emailed to roads@roscommoncoco.ie

Roscommon County Council permit the applicant to move an abnormal load over public roads in County Roscommon strictly in accordance with the details of the journey provided, the vehicle and the load set out in the application form date and in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The load shall be moved on National Roads where possible
  • Roscommon County Council and the local Gardaí are to be notified before the commencement of the proposed journeys.
  • The journey should be arranged, as far as possible, to avoid passing through towns during peak traffic periods or unsociable hours.
  • Intended routes should be checked, before journeys to avoid any obvious hazards i.e. bridges, overhead cables.
  • Advanced warning to other traffic shall be provided to the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • The permit holder shall refund to Roscommon County Council the amount of any damage caused to any public roads, bridge, culvert, fence, road   sign or other road furniture by the use of the use of the vehicle.
  • The permit holder is responsible for cleaning up any branches of trees knocked down by the vehicle or debris deposited on the road.
  • This permit is only valid when carried by the driver in the above vehicle and is available for inspection upon request and applies only to the journey/s referred to in the application form.

How long does it take to process an application for an Abnormal Load Permit?

An application form for an Abnormal Load Permit should be received at least 4 days prior to the date of the proposed journey, to allow for proper assessment of the application email   to roads@roscommoncoco.ie

How much does an abnormal load cost?

Single Journey Permit - €60.00. Three Month Permit - €150.00. Annual Permit - €500.00