Off Road Dumper

Special permits are required for the use of vehicles commonly known as off-road dumpers.

Off Road Dumpers are primarily used on construction sites as opposed to public roads and enjoy reduced rates of taxation and avail of low duty (rebated) diesel fuel. As certain design aspects of Off Road Dumpers do not comply with the requirements of 1963 Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment, and Use of Vehicles) Regulations, they may not legally use public roads except under the permit granted by the appropriate local authority.

What is an off load dumper?

A large capacity dumper which is incapable of exceeding a speed of 50km per hour and which does not comply with all or some of the requirements in Part II of the 1963 regulations (see above).

Exemption limits under permit:

The permit allows the use of the vehicle to which it applies to, for use only on the public road stated on the permit.

Further details are available from Roads Department Office