Reflecting on Roscommon Heritage Office 20 Years

A look back through some of the projects delivered by the Roscommon Heritage Office over the past 20 years shows that 19 booklets & posters, 6 books, 7 videos and 27 conjectural reconstruction drawings have been produced. 6 seminars, 19 awareness raising projects, 12 data gathering projects, 22 school’s projects, 10 conservation reports or projects and 15 projects to promote best practice or provide training have been delivered. 23 conservation grant schemes have been managed. National Heritage Week has been promoted and supported over 19 years. 3 County Heritage Plans have been produced and delivered with the assistance of County Roscommon Heritage Forum, which is a partnership between Roscommon County Council and heritage stakeholders countywide who work closely with the Heritage Council and the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage to address national heritage priorities, promote national best practice guidance at a local level and meet local heritage needs.  You can find out more about some of the projects delivered over the past 20 years by clicking on the links in the graphic below.