Our Heritage

Our heritage is everything of natural, historic and cultural value in our urban and rural environment. It’s the significant public and private buildings in our towns, villages and countryside. It’s our local parks, woodlands, lakes, rivers, mountains and farmlands. By valuing and interacting with our heritage, we can nurture a sense of local identity and support employment in tourism, agriculture, forestry, archaeology, architecture, cultural services, research and technology.

National Heritage is defined in the Heritage Act 1995 as:

Monuments, Archaeological objects, Heritage Objects, Architectural Heritage, Flora, Fauna, Wildlife Habitats, Landscapes, Geology, Inland Waterways, Seascapes, Heritage Gardens and Parks. County Roscommon Heritage Forum also considers that folklore, industrial heritage and local history are important aspects of the county's heritage. 

Heritage Office

The Heritage Office works to build a better understanding and appreciation of our natural and built heritage. It works to safeguard our heritage, strengthen communities and support jobs. This may involve research and evaluation of local heritage with the view to creating new amenities and services for local communities. Highlighting the importance of our historical buildings and unique landscapes through collaborative policy development with other Local Authority officials is an important role of the heritage office.

The heritage office encourages us to celebrate the built, natural and cultural heritage of our towns, villages and countryside through year-round activities and especially during National Heritage Week. The heritage office helps communities to identify aspects of our heritage that needs to be nurtured for future generations. The heritage office works with conservation architects, archaeologists, sustainable forestry and agricultural advisors, ecologists, cultural and eco-tourism businesses, researchers and innovators who find new ways for the public to interact with, record and protect their local environment. 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Heritage Office

  • The Heritage Office works with other departments within Roscommon County Council to develop policies which place importance on our natural and built heritage when planning for the future.

  • The Heritage Office co-ordinates and implements the County Heritage Plan in partnership with the County Roscommon Heritage Forum. It also helps inform, develop and implement national and regional heritage policy at local level.

  • The Heritage Office commissions surveys and reports on areas of natural or architectural significance, adding to the local bank of knowledge.

  • The heritage office helps promote places of beauty, encouraging commercial and community initiatives to promote the county for national and international visitors.

  • The Heritage Office works with local community groups to organise events throughout the year and especially during National Heritage Week.

Get Involved!



  • Organise HERITAGE TALKS or WALKS in your community

  • Let your local COUNCILLORS, TDs, SENATORS and MEPs know that you VALUE YOUR HERITAGE


Contact the Heritage Office:

Heritage Officer,

Telephone: 090 6637100

Fax: 090 6625599

If you would like to join the HERITAGE OFFICE NEWS email mailing list, just email nfeeney@roscommoncoco.ie with ‘mailing list’ in the subject box.

The Heritage Officer Programme

The Heritage Council part funds the network of 28 City/County Heritage Officers in Local Authorities across the country. The Heritage Council’s vision is that the value of our heritage is enjoyed, managed and protected for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future. For more information on the work of the Heritage Council, please visit www.heritagecouncil.ie