Household Waste Storage and Presentation Bye Laws

Waste Storage & Presentation Bye Laws have been adopted by Roscommon County Council. The Bye Laws are required for the proper management of waste collection and to ensure that environmental pollution is not caused by the operation of waste collection services in County Roscommon.

They have been introduced so that they may facilitate efficient collection of waste, separation of waste at source and to make it an offence to interfere with other people's waste.

The main provisions of the Bye Laws are:

  • All Householders must only present waste for collection by a permitted waste collector.

  • All householders must present waste for collection if they are on a collection route or retain all records i.e. receipts/dockets as proof of the proper disposal of their household waste. Litter Wardens continue to carry out spot checks on households to insure compliance

  • All waste must be stored and presented in appropriate receptacles in a manner that would not endanger health, create a risk to traffic, harm the environment or create a nuisance such as odour or litter.

  • All recyclables must be separated at source and presented for collection in appropriate receptacle.

  • If a separate organic collection service is made available this waste shall also be separated at source for collection

  • Receptacles must not be overfilled and lids must be closed at all times.

  • Householders must not present waste for collection prior to 6pm on the eve of collection day.

  • Householder must remove any waste containers and/or uncollected waste from point of collection within 12hrs of the designated collection time.

Any person that contravenes the Bye Laws shall be guilty of an offence and shall be subject to prosecution or fixed payment fine of €75. Contravention of the Bye Laws after conviction may be subject to a fine not exceeding €126 per day. These guidelines do not purport to be a legal interpretation of the provisions of the Bye Laws but are only intended to guide and assist.

Landlord & Tenant

The holder of household waste shall be responsible for the correct disposal and segregation of waste & maintenance of receipts. In the case of rented accommodation the holder of waste is deemed to be the tenant.

The Management Company or owner must:

  • Ensure that all waste receptacles are housed in a secure location within the site and are accessible at all times by the tenants and occupiers but not accessible by non-residents of the apartment block or complex.

  • Ensure that the segregated waste receptacles are presented for collection on a regular basis.