To facilitate the sustainable development of housing, industry and services in County Roscommon and strengthen the economic, social and population growth of towns, villages and rural areas.

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View and interact with Development Plan related mapping including Local Area Plans, Architectural Conservation Areas, and the Record of Protected Structures.

Public Notice

Planning and Development Department, Roscommon County Council are now located at Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, County Roscommon.

Map based Planning Enquiry Tool

The Map Based Planning Enquiry Tool is Roscommon County Council's new map based online enquiry tool for planning applications. It allows the user to query, locate, and interrogate planning applications through an interactive map based front-end, enabling the user to interpret the location element of any application. Note that currently the Map based Planning Enquiry Toolincludes applications from January 2001 to the present date. This information is for illustration purposes only and should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

Defamation Notice

Participants in cases before the Planning Authority should be aware that comments involving allegations of any kind against a named or otherwise identifiable person or organisation may be viewed as defamatory by the subject of the comments

Participants may be sued directly for any defamatory allegations in any appeal or submission and should avoid making such allegations. Any submissions made to the Planning Authority are generally circulated and made available for public inspection

Please note that in the event of any potentially defamatory allegation giving rise to legal action against it, the Planning Authority may seek indemnity from the person making the allegation. It should be understood that the Planning Authority is only concerned with issues relevant to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area and that personalised comments are generally not relevant to its deliberations

Notice From The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food with regard to Felling Licences

"With certain exceptions it is an offence, under the Forestry Act 1946, to fell trees without a felling licence having been granted by the forest service. Failure to obtain felling licence when necessary, may result in a criminal prosecution. Developers are advised to contact the Felling Section Forest Service, Department of Agriculture and Food, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford Tel: 053 9163400 before undertaking any tree felling."

Roscommon County Council's Planning Office will validate files in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Development Regulations 2008-2013.

Offices are located at Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, County Roscommon, F42 VR98.

and opening hours are 9.30 am - 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Telephone : (090) 6637175

Planning and Development Act, 2000-2011

Planning and Development regulations, 2001 - 2013


The information below does not purport to be a legal interpretation of the Planning and Development Acts and associated Regulations. It is recommended that Applicants seek professional advice from their Agents prior to lodging an Application for Permission.

This programme group covers the functions of the Planning Section, which is divided into three main areas:

  1. Development Control and Enforcement which largely involves ensuring that Planning Permissions are obtained and complied with.
  2. Forward planning which includes the making and adoption of the county Development Plan and the statutory plans for the four scheduled towns of Ballaghaderreen, Boyle, Castlerea and Roscommon. Forward planning also includes the making of non-statutory or action plans for the smaller towns and villages, amenity areas etc.
  3. The third area is Building Control, which is a new code introduced in 1992 to ensure good building practice in the design and construction of buildings
Notice of Planning Application

An applicant shall within the period of 2 weeks before the making of a planning application:

  1. 1. give notice of the intention to make the application in a newspaper in accordance with article 18, and
  2. give notice of the intention to make the application by the erection or fixing of a site notice in accordance with article 19.

For example, if notice of the planning application was published in a newspaper dated Friday 6th June, the last day for receipt of the planning application by the Planning Authority is Thursday, 19th June.

Where the last day of the 2 week period referred to is a Saturday or Sunday, a public holiday (within the meaning of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 (No. 20 of 1997), or any other day on which the offices of the planning authority are closed, the application shall be valid if received on the next following day on which the offices of the planning authority are open.

Where planning applications are received outside the 2 week period (described above) the Planning Authority is obliged to return the application as invalid.

Submissions or observations in relation to a Planning Application

Any person or body may make a submission or observation in writing on a Planning Application to the Planning Authority. Submissions or observations must be received within 5 weeks beginning on the date the application is received by the Planning Authority and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee of €20.00. For example, if a Planning Application was received on Wednesday 4th June, the last day for receipt of submissions is Tuesday 8th July.

Any Submission or observation received shall (i) state the name of the person or body making the submission or observation and (ii) indicate the address which any correspondence relating to the application should be sent.

Where a requirement of these regulations requires submissions, observations or a request to be made or documents, particulars or other information to be submitted to the planning authority within a specified period and the last day of that period is a public holiday (within the meaning of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997) or any other day on which the offices of the planning authority are closed, the submission or observations or request or document, particulars or other information (as the case may be) shall be regarded as having been received before the expiration of that period if received by the authority on the next following day on which the offices of the authority are open.

Part V

The Part V guide contains information in relation to Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended

If your development is on zoned lands (Roscommon Town, Ballaghaderreen Town, Castlerea Town, Boyle Town, Athlone Environs, Cortober or Creagh) Local Area Plan Elphin, Strokestown, Roosky and is for more than four houses or on lands greater than 0.1 hectares, it may be subject to Part V of the Planning and Development Act. This would require the developer to enter into an agreement with the Planning Authority to make available 20% of the lands or proposed houses for social and affordable housing. A developer affected by Part V should arrange a pre-planning meeting with the Local Authority prior to submission of an application. Applications received without proposals for compliance with Part V will be rejected as invalid.

Where a development on zoned lands consists of 4 houses or less or is on lands of 0.1 hectares or less, a developer may apply for a Certificate of Exemption from Part V.

Planning Enquiries may be emailed: planning

No applications or further information should be submitted by e-mail

Planning Permissions

A significant level of construction activity in the county continued during the past 5 years. This is reflected through the number of planning applications submitted during this period. The table below summarises the numbers and outcome of planning applications in the County for five year period. The scanning of all applications received was introduced and these documents are available to the public on EPLAN. The scanning of back files is ongoing. The table below summarizes the numbers and types of planning application in the County over the last five years.

Planning applications over the last 5 years

Applications Received1,492748710583740*
Decisions to Grant1,072592491447443**
Decisions to Refuse13766907246
Refusal Rate11.3%10%15.5%13.8%12%***
Number of Appeals7055432211
Appeals upheld by An Bord Pleanála472723238

121*Extension of Duration applications received

111**Extension of Duration to grant

***% of refusals does not include Extension of Duration

Exempted Development

All development requires planning permission unless it is an exempted development. Exempted developments are listed in the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 and these were extended/amended in the 2008 Regulations. Most of the exemptions contain certain conditions and limitations. If the terms of conditions and limitations cannot be complied with, the development cannot be considered an exempted development. There are also further restrictions on development listed under Article 9 of those Regulations.

Section 5 Referral

If a question arises as to whether or not a development is or is not exempted development, a person may apply to the planning authority for a declaration on the question. This is known as a "Section 5 referral" or an "Exemption Declaration".

In order to apply for a section 5 referral it is necessary for the applicant to submit, application form, fee of €80.00, location map, drawings of the proposed development in question, full details and description of the proposed development.

The planning authority shall issue the declaration, within 4 weeks of the receipt of the request.

The planning authority may require further information to be submitted to enable the authority to issue the declaration. In this regard, a declaration shall issue within three weeks of the receipt of this further information.

An application form for Section 5 Referral is available here (MS-Word Document, Size: 51Kb).

Pre-Planning Consultation

Pre-planning consultation can help to avoid the necessity for the Council to seek additional information, which can delay the processing of applications. They can also highlight the difficulties associated with particular sites, thus reducing the number of applications that can end up as possible refusals. If you wish to set up a pre-planning consultation you can contact Customer Service Desk at 090 6632500

The Council takes a very serious view of cases where development may have started without planning permission being obtained or where a developer fails to comply with the conditions of permission already granted. Legal action can be instituted against people who carry out unauthorised development.