Drinking Water Quality

Drinking Water Quality:

Suppliers of drinking water must ensure that the drinking water they supply is wholesome and clean.  Water, which is wholesome and clean, is defined as water that is free from any micro-organisms and parasites and from any substances, which in numbers or concentrations constitute a potential danger to human health.

Monitoring of Water Supplies

In Ireland, suppliers of drinking water are responsible for monitoring and analysing supplies to ensure they meet the quality standards set out in the:

For public water supplies, Irish Water publishes water quality results on its website  (http://www.water.ie/water-supply/water-quality/).

Suppliers send the results of monitoring and analysis to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Each year, the EPA publishes a Drinking Water Quality Report based on this data. It also provides guidance on the implementation of drinking water legislation and carries out audits on drinking water operations. You can find the most recent drinking water report or find out more about the EPA on www.epa.ie.

Drinking Water Quality Results can be viewed in Roscommon County Councils Online Water Quality Information System where you will find laboratory results for testing carried out on drinking water in Co. Roscommon. These tests record the quality of drinking water for public consumption across the county.

Follow the link to view water quality information by scheme or parameter type. The user can identify the scheme serving their connection using the maps provided. 

Roscommon County Council Online Water Quality Information System