Draft Register 2021-2022

Draft Register

A Draft Register is compiled each year and is published on 1st November and is made available at County Council Offices, Libraries, Garda Stations and Post Offices for inspection up to 25th November. The public are invited to check the draft register during this period to make sure that they are correctly registered. Any errors or omissions in the draft should be brought immediately to the attention of the registration authority.

Claims for additions, deletions or correction of names must be made by 25th November on Form RFA1. Claims for the addition or deletion of names are ruled on by the County Registrar at the Revision Courts held in the local electoral areas, usually in early December. The ruling is made in public and any person may attend and give evidence. Interested persons are notified of the County Registrar’s decision. An appeal may be made in the Circuit Court against the County Registrar’s decision. The claims process takes place between 25th November and 23rd December each year.