Library Services and the Arts

The Library Service is a focal point for the celebration of local and national culture, arts, heritage and creativity. The library is a cultural space, a centre of learning and literature, a meeting place for both people and ideas, which, through its branch network, mobile services, service provisions, programmes and events creates numerous opportunities to enhance community life. •This in turn provides economic stimulus through learning, creativity, easy access to knowledge and reliable and authoritative information in a modern and high quality facilities for the public.

Our commitment to providing access to reading materials that are continually updated is part of our stock collections acquisitions policy. These include collections of fiction, non-fiction for adults and children, audiovisual, local studies journals, research resources, music, multi media material, digital holdings and online resources for public lending and reference.

Developing and fostering   a passion for reading and literary appreciation is a key aim of the service.  The written word has a long, traditional and vibrant association with the Public Library. A variety of literature related events are supported each year to promote the value of reading. Roscommon County Council Library Services are actively involved in World Book Day, National Poetry Day, Reader Development Programmes, library based Book Clubs, Author Visits, Reading Events/Challenges, Book Launches and Creative Writing Workshops on an annual basis.

The Library Services support a number of historical, literary, musical, seminars and exhibitions as part our countywide involvement for the Roscommon Drama Festival, Siarsceal Festival, Percy French Festival, Boyle Arts Festival, Heritage Week and Children’s Festival. The Library Service engages with a number of other institutions, organizations and individuals in hosting a number of touring commemorative and anniversary cultural and literary related exhibitions.

The Library Services have received groups and provided displays as part of the local authorities’ twinning connections programme with Downey, Tucson and Nueil Sur Layon.The Library Services worked closely with the Roscommon Literary Heritage Group in facilitating The Roscommon Anthology publication, with a view to developing and promoting a writers literary trail in the county.

Working closely with the Arts Office and the support of the Arts Council with the Writer in Residence Scheme, through a very engaging programme, has been of immense assistance in helping to broaden the awareness of the value of reading and literature.