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Council Housing

Applicants for social housing support must complete the Social Housing Application Form. The Social Housing Application cannot at present be completed online due to the requirement that other State Agencies stamp the supporting documents.

You may download the application form here or alternatively contact the Housing Department on 090 6637100 or email to request a form.

There is a checklist at pages 4/5 on the form and all relevant supporting documents should be submitted with the application as incomplete applications are invalid and will be returned.

On receipt of a valid application all applicants will be assessed and a decision will issue (please be advised that this process can take up to 12 weeks).

Applicants will be notified in writing of the decision in relation to their application.

It is necessary that applicants advise the Local Authority in respect of any change in circumstances such as income, contact details (change of address/phone number) or change in family size etc.

If you are placed on the approved Council waiting list your application will be considered, along with all other eligible applicants, for housing in your area(s) of preference. Roscommon County Council allocates houses on a basis of need as set out in ‘the Scheme of Letting Priorities’.