Photogrammetry is the method of creating 3D models from photographs taken using a digital camera.  Using freely available software and access to a strong internet connection it is possible to reveal hidden features on carved objects such of the early Christian inscribed cross slabs. 

A series of free training days were held in Roscommon County Library in spring 2015. Participants learned how to conduct a photogrammetry survey and use the associated computer programs, along with traditional survey skills, which were put into practice through field trips.  The training was funded by Roscommon County Council as an action of the County Roscommon Heritage Plan 2012-2016. Gary Dempsey was the training co-ordinator. For more information on the 3d heritage services that Gary can provide please see ‘Visualizing Heritage – 3d Heritage Services’.

Twenty five people took part in the training and their 3d models have been uploaded to, search for Roscommon3d. However we are delighted to show a pdf of the 3d models here. More models will be added over time so watch this space!

To submit a Roscommon 3d model for addition to this webpage please use the report template and email it to


Inventory of Roscommon 3d models:

Aughrim Graveyard 001.pdf (size 162.3 KB)

Aughrim Graveyard 002.pdf (size 435.5 KB)

Aughrim Graveyard 003.pdf (size 485 KB)

Ballinaboy 001.pdf (size 271.1 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 001.pdf (size 351.6 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 002.pdf (size 338.6 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 003.pdf (size 466.9 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 004.pdf (size 413.6 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 005.pdf (size 363.1 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 006.pdf (size 361.6 KB)

Bumlin Graveyard 007.pdf (size 323 KB)

Ballintubber Graveyard, 001.pdf (size 557.9 KB)

Cloonburren Graveyard 001.pdf (size 232 KB)

Cloonglansybeg 001.pdf (size 159.9 KB)

Cloonown 001.pdf (size 153.1 KB)

Drum Graveyard 001.pdf (size 192.6 KB)

Fuerty 001.pdf (size 221.9 KB)

Fuerty 002.pdf (size 164.5 KB)

Fuerty 003.pdf (size 171 KB)

Fuerty 004.pdf (size 121.2 KB)

Mote Park 001 - Lions Gate.pdf (size 113.7 KB)

Roscommon Abbey 001.pdf (size 267 KB)

Roscommon Abbey 002.pdf (size 290.1 KB)

Roscommon Abbey 003.pdf (size 286.9 KB)

Roscommon Abbey 004.pdf (size 290.7 KB)

St Comans Church of Ireland, Roscommon 001.pdf (size 511.6 KB)

St.Comans Church of Ireland, Roscommon 002.pdf (size 142.4 KB)

St.Comans Church of Ireland, Roscommon 003.pdf (size 119.7 KB)