Bottle Banks

There are 39 bring bank sites located across County Roscommon. These accept the following: Clear, Green and Brown Glass Jars/Bottles as well as aluminium (drink) cans. Clothes banks are located at a number of these sites.

Do's and Don'ts when using a Bottle Bank!

Do: Separate the different colours into the correct bins - blue glass bottles or jars may be placed in the green glass bank.

Do: Wash glass containers that have any liquid and/or food residue.

Do: Remove lids if possible. Steel (jam jar) lids should be washed and recycled as part of the dry recyclable collection or at a Roscommon Civic Amenity Site. Wine corks can be composted (not plastic ones!)

Do Not: Dispose of crockery or drinking glasses please as they have a high lead content and contaminate the glass recycling process leaving the whole load of glass unsuitable for recycling.

Do Not: Dispose of steel food containers (dog food tins, bean tins etc) as they are made up from different materials to those contained in aluminium drinks cans. Steel tins can be recycled at the Civic Amenity Sites.

Bring banks are a community resource.  Do not disappoint others in your community by abusing the Bottle banks. Please bring your bags and boxes home with you to reuse another day. Littering at a bring banks is subject to an on the spot fine or €3,000 on Conviction.

The Map below displays the location of Bottle Banks and Civic Amenity Sites within the County of Roscommon. Navigate around the map to and click on the icons to display further information on the available recycling facilities

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