Contacting the Fire Authority in an Emergency

Most people never have to seek the assistance of the Fire Service, when they do however they will probably be doing it for the first time. The following will be helpful:

In an Emergency Dial 999 or 112

An operator will ask which service you require. Ask for the Fire Service.- You will be transferred to the CAMP West (Computer Aided Mobilisation Programme) which is based in Castlebar, Co Mayo. The call centre alerts the relevant brigade and remains in contact with you until the brigade has all the necessary details to deal with the incident. You will be asked for some or all of the following information:

  1. Your phone number (in case you get cut off)

  2. The number of the house or apartment

  3. The name of the road or street on which it is located

  4. The townland / County and nearest fire station

  5. Any nearby main roads or landmarks to aid directions

  6. The name of the town

  7. Incident Type - Fire, Crash, Flooding etc.?

  8. Whether anybody is trapped

It is Essential to Remain Calm

Panicking will make it difficult for the Fire Controller to get your details. The Controller will mobilise the nearest brigade to you after your details have been taken. If you are calling on a mobile phone from an unfamiliar area, the following information will help the Fire Controller identify where you are:

1. Your general area, county

2. Local landmarks e.g. pubs, shops, etc.

3. Distance from the last village or town you passed through and your final destination?

You may be asked to reconfirm your location and telephone details by the fire control operator. This is standard practice to ensure that the fire control operator has logged your correct details.