About Building Control

What is a Building Control Authority?

A Building Control Authority monitors compliance with Building Regulations having regard to :

  • The minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings as set out in the Building Regulations;
  • Detailed Technical Guidance Documents showing how these requirements can be achieved in practice; and
  • Procedures set out in the Building Control Regulations for demonstrating compliance in respect of an individual building or works.

What are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations are set out by the government to ensure that each property built in Ireland is to a minimum standard that has to be complied to. The regulations apply to the manufacture of products and service and the use of the product by the consumer.

Building regulations apply to the construction of :

a)      New buildings

b)      Material alterations of existing Buildings

c)       Extensions to existing buildings

d)      Material change of use of existing buildings in certain cases

Unless exempt from Building Regulations.

Building Regulations cover the following topics :

Part A


Part G


Part B

Fire Safety

Part H

Drainage and Waste Water Disposal

Part C

Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture

Part J

Heat Producing Appliances

Part D

Material and Workmanship

Part K

Stairways, Ladders, Ramps & Guards

Part E


Part L

Conservation of Fuel and Energy

Part F


Part M

Access and Use

For further information please refer to the relevant Technical Guidance Document (TGD) for each Part of the Building Regulations (click here to view

What is Building Control?

Building Control functions include :

  • Administration of the various Certificate Applications;
  • Inspection for compliance with the Building Regulations;
  • Potential Enforcement Procedures in cases of non-compliance with both Building Regulations and Building Control Regulations

Please note that responsibility for compliance with the Building Regulations legally lies with Designers, Builders and Owners of works as per the Building Control Act 1990, Section 3(5).

More information on Building Standards (including Building Control and Building Regulations) is available from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government at: http://www.housing.gov.ie/housing/building-standards/building-standards