Local Economic & Community Plan

A key function of the LCDC is to prepare the community elements of a 6-year LECP and to work with partners in the implementation of the plan. LECPs are developed as part of an integrated local, regional and national planning process.  This ensures that each Plan will be consistent with County Development Plans, Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies, Regional Action Plans for Jobs.  The Plan will be the key mechanism to bring forward actions arising from measures under the National Action Plans for Jobs and other relevant national Government Policies and Strategies.

The purpose of the Plan is to promote the local and community development of the relevant local authority area through a more coordinated and collaborative approach to planning and service delivery. In doing this, the Plan will focus on measures which

  • enhance the quality of life and well-being of communities, including measures aimed at tackling poverty, disadvantage and social inclusion; supporting training, up-skilling and employment creation; and the provision of infrastructure and community facilities;

  • support the capacity of local communities to improve their quality of life;

  • develop sustainable solutions that make the best use of existing local assets, strengths and opportunities;

  • support social enterprise, social capital, volunteering and active citizenship; and

  • foster community involvement in policy development and decision making processes relating to planning, development and delivery of services.