Burial Grounds

Burial Grounds

The Roads Department is responsible for the management, maintenance and regulations in relation to Burial Grounds in county Roscommon. There are over 100 Cemeteries in county Roscommon. Roscommon County Council Cemetery Bye-Laws 2008 apply to all cemeteries under the control of or in the ownership of the Council.

Burial Plot

Application to acquire a burial plot in any cemetery shall be made to the Registrar of the Cemetery. (Contact details for Cemetery Registrars listed below) On the making of an application sufficient detail should be provided so as to ensure future identification against the Register. The specified fee should accompany the application. Grave Space: €350

The selling of a burial plot to a third party is not permitted. Plots are sold in lots of one, two or three grave spaces or such other number of spaces as family circumstances warrant. Burial Plots shall not be purchased in advance of bereavement. The receipt issued in response to the application constitutes the owner’s right of burial.


Ownership of a burial plot does not allow for the erection of a headstone without a separate application being made to the Council (see Byelaw 21). No tomb, monument, vault, headstone, tablet or permanent structure of any description or material shall be erected or constructed on any place of burial in the cemetery, unless and until the structure has been approved of, in writing, in the form of a Certificate of Permission by Roscommon County Council.

The Cemetery Improvement and Maintenance Scheme provides financial assistance to voluntary groups to upgrade and maintain cemeteries in the county. Queries in relation to burial grounds may be emailed to roads@roscommoncoco.ie 

The following forms may be downloaded and used as required:

    • Roscommon County Council Cemetery Bye-Laws
    • Cemetery Registrars Contact Information
    • Headstone Permit Application Form
    • Exhumation Licence Application form
    • Right of Internment in Closed Burial Ground Application Form

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