Severe Weather Alert - Update 2nd March 2018

Overnight snow and ice together with strong easterly winds has resulted in heavy snowfalls and drifts in the county particularly in Mid and South Roscommon.

Roscommon County Council advise the public to remain indoors during this severe weather event.

Road conditions are treacherous and only absolutely essential journeys should only be taken by motorists today.

Crews resumed Gritting/ploughing this morning. National routes have been prioritised. There are high snowdrifts at many locations and it will take several hours to clear these priority routes.

Regional roads will be attended to once all Primary routes are clear.

Weather conditions will be monitored throughout the day and Public Safety messages will be updated as necessary.

Roscommon County Council offices, libraries and facilities remain closed today.

If you require urgent assistance please ring 090 6637100 for contact numbers in your area.