Roscommon County Council is committed to leading on climate action


Roscommon County Council is committed to leading on climate action

Roscommon County Council will this week share information about our climate actions, plans and ambitions across our social media and other platforms.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we want to make sure the public can be confident that their Council is taking action and leading in the response.

A new report published this week shows that Roscommon County Council and all local authorities have been for some time undertaking a vast range of actions to tackle climate change and to promote climate action within our communities.

Roscommon County Council has been proactive in many areas including energy efficiency, sustainable transport development, flood risk management, water conservation, waste management, nature-based solutions and public engagement.

In addition, we have been at the forefront in responding to the extreme weather events that are the effect of climate change and have developed a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to ensure we build our resilience and preparedness. You can read that strategy here http://Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 

Roscommon County Council has also signed a Climate Action Charter setting out some of our ambitions for the future. Read that here

Please follow our social media channels and #LAClimateAction this week to find out more about what we have done and what we have planned.