N61 Ballymurray to Knockcroghery Road Project Preferred Route

N61 Ballymurray to Knockcroghery Road Project

Preferred route corridor


Roscommon County Council (RCC) in conjunction with Roughan & O’ Donovan – Aecom Alliance (ROD-A) and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are progressing the Planning & Design of the N61 Ballymurray to Knockcroghery Road Project.

The project is currently at the completion of Phase 2 (Option Selection). The Emerging Preferred Route Corridor (Option C-3) was published for this project in December 2020. Following a comprehensive review and consideration of the submissions and feedback received through the public consultation, Option C-3 incorporating some minor amendments, has been confirmed as the Preferred Route Corridor (‘Preferred Option’).

A full copy of the Option Selection Report can be accessed by the public in the following ways:

  1. It can be viewed or downloaded from the project website www.N61Roscommon.ie
  2. A hard copy may be purchased from Roscommon County Council for a fee of €50.
  3. A digital copy can be requested from the N61 Project Team on Memory Stick.
  4. It can be viewed by appointment at the offices of Roscommon County Council (subject to applicable government restrictions/guidelines related to COVID-19).

Please contact the N61 Project Team to request an appointment on 087 281 7589 or by email: N61BK@N61Roscommon.ie