Litter Management Plan 2020-2022

The Litter Pollution Act 1997, as amended, requires Local Authorities to make and implement a Litter Management Plan and to review the plan every three years. The Plan must specify the following:


  • Measures to prevent and control litter
  • Measures to encourage public awareness
  • Measures to achieve the objectives of the plan


A Draft Litter Management Plan to cover the period 2020 – 2022, including a review of the previous plan, was prepared for consultation. Submissions/comments were invited from individuals, community and voluntary groups and representative bodies.


At the Planning, Environment, Climate Change and Corporate Governance SPC Meeting held on Wednesday 16th September 2020 the SPC members considered and recommended the plan, without amendment, for consideration at the Plenary Council meeting on Monday 28th September 2020 at which meeting the plan was adopted.