Know Your Locality Free Online Course

KYL Roscommon 2022

‘Know your Locality – Roscommon’ FREE online class – February 2022

We are delighted to be working with the Irish Archaeological Field School to offer this course to those of you who may wish to take this opportunity to do some online exploring of your local area. This course is specifically designed for those living or interested in researching Roscommon. Please see details on the course below.


It is amazing what you can discover about your local area from the snug safety of your home. We are delighted, through funding from Roscommon County Council, to offer a FREE online course that will take you step-by-step through the available online sources that will allow you to paint a picture of the geological, archaeological, and historical events that happened close to where you live. While the course will look at examples from throughout Ireland, it will focus on the geology, archaeology and history of the county of Roscommon. As such the course is aimed toward residents of Roscommon (who will be given preference for available course places) as well as enthusiasts of Roscommon’s natural and cultural heritage.

The course will be delivered through five online tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday over three weeks commencing Tuesday 8th February 2022. We will begin by looking at the very bedrock under your feet, examining the geological processes and glacial events that shaped the landscape and formed the soils. The course then focuses on the impacts of humans on that landscape over time, from pre-history to the last century.

The first workshop includes a summary of the course content and format. At the end of each workshop, a list of resources/links will be sent to the participants so that they can study their own locality. Workshops 1-5 will each teach an individual research skill and also include 15-20 minutes to answer questions arising from the previous session. Workshop 5 will comprise a wrap-up, outlining the information obtained by the participants which can be utilised to tell the geology, archaeology, and history of their localities. Workshop 5 will also outline how these skills can be used to make your own submission to the ‘KnowYour5k’ initiative by the Heritage Council and National Museum of Ireland. Gathering these submissions for County Roscommon is a key outcome of the course.

Course Details:

Course Dates and Times: February 8 – 22 (five two-hour sessions (6.30pm – 8.30pm GMT) in total on February 8, 10, 15, 17 and 22.

Where: From your home!

Equipment: You will need access to the internet and a device (preferably a laptop or PC)

Enrolment Status: OPEN

Course Type: Local Geology/Archaeology/History

Instructor: Dr Stephen Mandal

Cost: FREE

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Places are limited so don’t delay!