Interim Emergency Flood Relief Works - Lough Funshinagh Statement 14 October 2021

The Council remains focused on completing a solution to the flooding emergency at Lough Funshinagh. The problem has not gone away and in fact the urgency for that solution has only increased with the lake close to 460mm higher compared to this time last year. 

Since the High Court challenge by Friends of the Irish Environment, the Council has retained Malachy Walsh and Partners, Engineering and Environmental Consultants to provide independent advice about what is required to be done. They have completed their analysis and have advised the Council on the circumstances where the Council may lawfully carry out an emergency solution development without approval from An Bord Pleanála, or any other third party. 

With the benefit of that independent advice, and what has been learned from the High Court challenge, the Council will carry out interim emergency flood relief works, that are necessary, appropriate and lawful to protect persons, property and the environment. 

The Council welcomes the attention given by all interested persons to this complex humanitarian issue, and is committed to progressing the matter in a transparent way that will withstand robust scrutiny. 

Further details on the emergency solution including reports, design and Chief Executives order are available in below related documents.


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