Enhanced Restart Grant



In light of the Government July Stimulus announcement on 23rd July 2020, the RESTART GRANT is temporarily suspended.


An enhanced RESTART GRANT, with further funding of €300 million will be made available to businesses in due course through local authorities.


The maximum grant available will rise to €25,000 (up from €10,000) and the minimum payment will be €4,000 (up from €2,000). Firms that accessed the Restart Grant will be eligible to apply for a second top-up payment to a total combined value of the revised minimum and maximum grant levels. The criteria for accessing the scheme will include Enterprises that have:

  • 250 employees or less;
  • Turnover of less than €100,000 per employee; and
  • Reduced turnover by 25% as a result of COVID-19

Under the revised Restart Grant, support will also be provided for enterprises that could not access the original grant scheme. Non-rated B&Bs and rateable sports businesses will be eligible for a grant payment of €4,000 (B&B will be eligible to apply to Failte Ireland).

See following link for an overview of the July Jobs Stimulus 2020:   https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/c48ab-july-jobs-stimulus/

Further details will be provided later.