Draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2019

Roscommon County Council has prepared a Draft Local Authority Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in accordance with the provisions of The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 and the National Adaptation Framework (NAF), 2018.

Climate change is recognised as a global challenge with policy responses required in terms of both mitigating the causes of climate change and in adapting to the inevitable consequences of our changing climate.

The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy represents a proactive step by Roscommon County Council in the process of adaptation planning to build resilience and respond effectively to the threats posed by climate change. Purpose of the Strategy: The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy takes on the role as the primary instrument at local level to:

(i)  ensure a proper comprehension of the key risks and vulnerabilities of climate change

(ii)  bring forward the implementation of climate resilient actions in a planned and proactive manner and,

(iii) ensure that climate adaptation considerations are mainstreamed into all plans and policies and integrated into all operations and functions of Roscommon County Council. 

Environmental Reports: Accompanying the draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy is:

(i)  A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Report in accordance with the SEA Directive (DIR 2001/42/EC) and pursuant to European Communities (Environmental Assessment of Certain Plans and Programmes) Regulations 2004 (SI 435 of 2004 as amended by SI 200 of 2011) and,

(ii)  An Appropriate Assessment (AA) Screening Report in accordance with the requirements of Article 6(3) of the EU Habitats Directive (Directive 92/43/EEC).