Climate Action Documentary Project

Climate Action – tell us what you’re doing in Roscommon?

It’s generally accepted that humanities relationship with our planet’s resources has reached a critical juncture. Our consumption of the earth’s resources and modern lifestyles have created an environmental pollution crisis, a biodiversity crisis and a climate change crisis. The latter has caught our attention in more dramatic fashion in recent years as weather statistics confirm the effects of climate change have arrived but truth be told, if we had respected and protected our natural environment over the past number of decades, rather that exploiting it for financial gain, this unfortunate predicament could have been avoided.

And even now, armed with knowledge and understanding, the pace of change to halt or reverse the predicted temperature rise is alarmingly slow and any change to our lifestyles is almost imperceptible. However, there are those who care, those who have heeded the warning signs and more importantly, taken action within their own sphere of influence to combat the effects of climate change, pollution and habitat loss. Roscommon County Council wishes to acknowledge such actions within County Roscommon and highlight their actions in a documentary so that others might be inspired to follow suit and adopt/normalise these necessary and planet-saving actions. Hope lies in a collective response and we all have a part to play.

Actions or projects of different types and scales are of interest, including projects undertaken by individuals, community groups, businesses and organisations. Carbon mitigation actions that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are of particular interest. Waste management and waste reduction (reduce, reuse, recycle) is another significant area of interest along with actions to protect the environment and natural habitats.

If you have or had involvement in such a project and wish to be involved in the production of this documentary, please email for further details and refer to the ‘Climate Action Project’ in the email subject box.